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What Is Mind Hub?

Mind Hub is designed to provide anonymous 24/7 to support to diverse employees in your time of need. Our unique ‘emotionally intelligent technology’ has been developed by mental health experts from diverse backgrounds;

  • To identify stress, anxiety and depression earlier
  • To increase the confidence of managers by providing signposting support
  • To build resilience and improve wellbeing for diverse talent

“Mind Hub was born out of providing one to one therapy to people who had experienced trauma. I am proud to have built this emotionally intelligent technology to increase access to mental health support earlier across the workplace” - Marteka Swaby, Mind Hub Founder & Psychotherapist. 




We can provide assessment, signposting and interventions to equip people leaders

Mind Hub is accessible to both managers and employees. Tailored digital programmes to reduce stress for diverse employees and increase awareness of managers.

”You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” - CS Lewis


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The human mind is inherently complex, especially if you are experiencing trauma. We want to help you make the journey of understanding your mental health simple. You may access as an individual or a business sign up to Mind Hub TODAY.