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What Is Mind Hub?

Mind Hub is designed to provide anonymous 24/7 support for employees to build resilience in their time of need. Our unique ‘emotional technology’ has been developed by experts

  • To identify stress, anxiety and depression earlier
  • To increase the confidence of managers to eliminate stress 
  • To build resilience and improve employees emotional wellbeing

“Mind Hub was born out of the loss of a family friend to an avoidable suicide. This is now his legacy and the legacy of the other 800,000 people who commit suicide worldwide each year. I am proud to have built this to increase access to mental health support” - Marteka Swaby, Mind Hub Founder and Mental Health Specialist 




Our aim is to improve your emotional wellbeing. We provide assessment, signposting and early interventions with proven techniques that help you to control stress and end anxiety. 

Mind Hub is accessible to managers and employees. We believe in prevention rather than cure in helping you to stress less, by reducing stigma and increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace. 

”You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” - CS Lewis


Sample Modules

The human mind is inherently complex, so helping you to understand mental health should be made simple. Here are some examples of the types of tailored resources you may access when signing up to Mind Hub.