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Wellness Action Plan

The wellness action plan will help you to focus on activities that can help you to thrive at work and have good mental health. 

Don’t worry this is confidential and you will not need to share it with anyone if you don’t want to. But you may find it helpful to share with your colleagues or line manager so they know the best way in which to help you.

Remember this is your plan and even though others can support you to achieve your goals you are responsible for identifying your triggers and increasing others awareness of your early warning signs

1 .
What are your triggers for feeling stressed or anxious at work? This list is not exhaustive and you can add your own, but here are some examples:
2 .
What could facilitate you to talk openly & honestly to your manager when you are feeling stressed at work?
3 .
How do you recognise your colleagues or team members are showing signs of stress?
4 .
What would make you feel more comfortable to support team members to manage stress?
5 .
How do you ensure your team members/ colleagues feel valued and rewarded for good work?
6 .
How can you feel encouraged by the organisation to prioritise a work/ life balance?
7 .
What triggers your employee to feel stressed?
8 .
How can you proactively support your employee to stay mentally healthy at work?

Click here to download Wellness Action Plan Template

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