Modules relevant to you

Mind Hub’s ‘questionnaire’s’ are designed to help us recommend the ‘modules’ that we feel you need. Our ‘modules’ are broken down into interactive ‘exercises’, which in turn are divided into:

  • Videos
  • Quotes
  • Action Cards
  • Meditations
  • Exercises

Sample exercises


We have carefully selected and curated a series of videos to help you understand, act upon and overcome stress, anxiety and depression. Our videos are short, easy to digest and are all designed to give you food for thought.

Action Cards

Our mission is to raise awareness of emotional health and wellbeing and turn this awareness into action. Mind Hub action cards can be used to positively enhance your wellbeing whether sat at your desk at work, commuting on the train or unwinding at home.


Working with our team of clinical experts we have created a series of easy to complete, anonymous exercises designed to reset your approach to emotional health and wellbeing. We then get you thinking about the importance of managing and improving it.