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Mind Hub Therapy is designed to help you to improve your mental health and overcome trauma.  We have carefully selected and curated a series of ‘digital courses’ that are broken into interactive ‘bitesize exercises’ and here is how to get you started:

  • Watch the Video
  • Take an Action Card
  • Complete a Mini-Course
  • Book an assessment

If you would like to talk to a therapist and ready to start your journey please find a time here

Sample exercises


My name in Marteka, I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist, with over 15 year experience in mental health and I am here to help signpost you towards the best support for you. We offer a range of online support, group and one to one intereventions. If you would like to talk about where you can get started please find a time here

Action Cards

Our mission is to raise awareness of emotional wellbeing and turn this awareness into action. Mind Hub action cards can be used to positively enhance your behaviour. If you would still like to talk to someone please find a time here


Working with our team of clinical experts we have created a series of easy to complete, anonymous exercises designed to reset & refresh your wellbeing. We have a number of specialist mini-courses and summits to help you overcome your trauma. If you would still like to talk to someone please find a time here or getting started today on a mini-course.